The First Minutes of the New Year

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all met the new year well and are having a blast. I am spending the first hour with my family, watching Parker on Netflix (parents are addicted to it. . . Netflix I mean). I have no idea what this movie is about but that’s okay, I’m not paying much attention to it since I’ve been online and also working off a wine cooler. (Which, lets admit, doesn’t have much of a kick after a glass of wine and a glass of coke and Kahlua.) Still, this gives me the opportunity to observe my family in their natural habitat (Insert Australian accent here). I rarely get to spend such calm times with them anymore, what with living several cities away and constantly being at work and/or school. It’s nice, real nice, but also kinda sad. My parents are getting older, I can see that in their faces, and especially in their eyes as they occasionally nod off. I wonder about you guys, when did you realize that you parents are quite human, and quite finite? Daunting, I know. But this just means I have to love them even more, and strive more to give them the happiness, or contentedness, that they deserve.

Here’s another discovery, and not a dreary one at that: 2014 is the year of the horse. This is my year, as a 1990 baby. So now, with renewed vigor, I will face this year and make it MY year. Yep folks, see the flames rise around me. (Yes, that is the alcohol talking . . . I think.)



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