Just A Few More Hours


(Photo: Facing the Delta/Waterfront Hotel)

     Just two and a half more hours here in California before the new year sets in with its many possibilities. I am lucky enough to be ending 2013 here in Stockton with my family. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to this year. Glad that wasn’t so. Today too several old friends and I got together for our yearly New Years gathering, one of the handful that we get each year thanks to our busy schedules. We spent it Downtown, staring out at the Delta and chatting about old times and our dreams for the future, and especially for the new year. What do you hope to accomplish this coming year? Do you have a New Years resolution?

     I am not sure if this counts as a resolution, but my goal is to be more thankful this year. Thankful for my friends and loved ones; thankful for what I have and don’t have; and thankful for the very fact that I am alive and able to write this. And of course, I am thankful for you all and for your attention this past year. I hope that you stick with me for yet another awesome year, as I plan to stick with you.

Well, Happy New Year again. I wish you the best and that you spend tonight and tomorrow (and every single day) surrounded by your loved ones.

To finish this, I leave you with one of my newest favorite songs! Enjoy!



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