Covered in Ice Crystals

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of my fellow Californians (and everyone else for that matter!) are staying warm today, this sudden cold spell really caught me by surprise. For one, I am a total bear in the winter. I love to hibernate and hate getting out of bed when it’s freezing out. Hence, why I ignored my alarm clock this morning and was actually 5 minutes late to work. (For someone as punctual as me, that is a long time.) Even more surprising was the fact that my car was almost completely frosted over. Down below is a view of my car from the inside:


Yes, it was almost scary how frosted over my windows were.


On closer look though, you have to admit; the ice crystals are kinda pretty.


A view of a bart station at night, had to walk home from work today. (After working a 9am to 5:30pm shift.) I love how the crescent moon looks over the platform. So pretty, though a bit hard to see in this cell phone pic.

Now I’m going to finish some work online, eat, and pass out on the couch. Goodnight!

PS: how was your day?


8 thoughts on “Covered in Ice Crystals”

  1. How was my day? Well last night we got 8 inches of the white stuff after a day of rain, so today was a bit slick. Tomorrow we’ll have a high of oh about 8 degrees, and this weekend won’t get above -2.
    I love winter, yes really I do.

      1. Knowing what kind of cloths keep you warm, how much exposure is too much… common sense really.
        Winter to me is the quiet time of the year. People who can’t handle the cold leave or hibernate, and that goes for animals as well making the wilderness a fun place to explore. Winter is a time of quiet reflection around the wood stove.
        When driving it requests one to be a little more present, no day-dreaming when rolling on ice.
        I learned to drive on frozen lakes before I was old enough to take drivers ed, so I have a little advantage.
        my blessings to you…

      2. Common sense is a big must when it comes to survival. Winter is quite amazing too, a wonderful time to think about your present stage in life, and the coming year, your hopes and dreams for it. I love how cathartic the last month of the year can be. When I was younger, I used to write all my hopes, dreams, wishes and regrets on separate sheets of paper, and then at the strike of midnight of the new year, I would burn them.
        Driving on frozen lakes sure sounds scary though! Here, we mostly learn how to drive through crazy storms and ice, no snow or frozen lakes (except for the manmade ones). I’ve only seen real snow twice in my life.
        Well, blessings to you as well:)

  2. Ice crystals are so pretty to look at. My winter plans consist on finding some and magnifying them to make pictures. In Belgium, it’s not freezing yet, so no crystals to be found here. But I’m pretty sure that’ll change soon!

  3. And WHAT, you’ve only seen real snow twice? You should visit during Winter so that we can go ice skating, build snowmen and have snowballfights 😉 No jk, it’s not really my favorite season since I get cold really easily.

    1. I know, the only time I saw snow was when my family and I went to Reno to drop off an uncle, and we ended up stopping by the woods and having a snowball fight. I love winter, and I like cold, but this year is it just me or is it even colder than usual???

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