Behold the Cuteness!



Yesterday was quite an eventful Sunday to say the least. For starters, it all began with an impromptu road trip to the state’s Capital, all to get an 11-week-old puppy we’ve named Miko.  What was also fun is that yesterday was the first time I ever visited Sacramento. Though I only got to see it form the freeway, it was still fun looking at all the skyscrapers and old buildings. What sucked was that the drive there was a bit over 2 hours long, and this is without traffic! (Yes, we went all the way to Sacramento for a puppy. Who wouldn’t faced with this cuteness?) On the way back, we dined and dashed at my parent’s house and waited traffic out, but halfway through the wait my friend ended up feeling sick so I drove us back to the Bay Area. It was a bit nerve wrecking at first because I’d never driven her car before, but a few circles around my block and I was good. Well, how was your weekends? Do anything fun? 


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