Letter from Norway!


Good morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a good night and slept off the last bit of the Thanksgiving craze. Anyone go Black Friday shopping? (Not me this year.)

Well, after I managed to crawl out of the warm confines of my bed, I checked the mail like I do every morning and lo and behold, a letter was waiting for me to bring it in. I didn’t recognize the handwriting off the bat, and the return address marked Norway. Who do I know in Norway? I thought as I carefully cut the side of the envelope open with a pair of Fiskars (ironically a scissor brand from the same region). Inside I found a three page letter and a little note stating that my pen-pal Keisha, who I just started writing to a couple months ago, recently had an address change from the U.K. to Norway. I’d honestly wondered if she’d ever received my response letter a few weeks back, and I’m glad to see that she did and that her response came just before the holidays. I’ll be replying back in he next couple days!

Well, what are you guys up to today? I’ll be at my computer for most of it, working on my NaNoWriMo story till my fingers cramp. (One thing that sucks about Macbooks is that they are made out of metal, so in the cold seasons it’s like typing on a block of ice.) I’ll be posting up results tomorrow, but first, how’s everyone else faring in this challenge?


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