Post-Holiday Inspiration, the Magic of Six Words.

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your friends and loved ones. I just got back to the Bay Area myself, and I have to admit, leaving home was hard. One look at my mother’s tearing eyes and I felt like I’d just kicked a puppy. (Safe to say, my mother wins every guilt trip. And I mean EVERY single one.) Good thing I still have Christmas to look forward to.

Anyway, a few days ago I reblogged a post from Rachael Stanford’s blog titled “What can you say in 6 words?” As a writer myself, this post gave me the kickstart of inspiration that I’ve been looking for recently, and last night (as I lay stuffed with Dad’s once a year turkey and brandy sauce sandwiches, and a glass of coke and Kahlua) I started writing my own 6 word short stories. Here are the revised versions:

Christmas. Present from mom barks. Friend. 

Ripped and burned photos. Past relationships. 

Best friends. Car ride. Estranged silence.

Vodka shots: lots. Morning: first tattoo.

Facebook:Friend request-friend. “Benifits?”-Unfriend.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these and if you have any ideas for others please let me know! Also, what was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year?


2 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Inspiration, the Magic of Six Words.”

  1. Hahaha that last story! Wonderful idea! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium, but I’m glad that yours was great. Fortunately, Christmas isn’t that far away 🙂

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