Minor Fix-ups

Minor Fix-ups

With the little free time that I’ve been given, I am now fixing up my part of the room. The clothes covering most of it are now put away, and here, you can see that I’ve finally begun to frame a few pieces of artwork that I’ve had lying around. The watercolor to the left is one of my sister’s original works, and the ballerinas to the right are from Franziska in Germany. The bottom poster has already been framed, got it from the artist in San Francisco several months back. Little by little, my little space is starting to feel like me again. Also, now that I’m a framer, I finally understand why people get stuff framed. It adds more personality to a room.


6 thoughts on “Minor Fix-ups”

    1. Thanks! She’s gotten even better if you believe. This sketch is from over 4 years ago. I want to collect more artwork now, and frame it myself. Sadly, I need the proper tools and they are expensive. If you do get to frame some of your drawings, please post up pictures! 🙂

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