Inspirational Video #1: Aloe Blacc-Wake Me Up

Aloe Blacc’s version of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”. I noticed the song because it’s been playing a lot on the radio lately, but then my sister showed me this video. I just finished watching it and . . . be prepared to cry. For everyone out there with immigrant parents, or who are immigrants themselves, this video strikes a serious chord. I didn’t think I would cry even though my sister said I might, but by the end of it I was crying with mocos and everything. And the reason for this is because I myself am first generation, while my family originates from Latin America. I think about all the pain and suffering my parents went through so we would end up where we are now, and so I and my siblings could live the way that we do now. I never forget that what I have is thanks to them, and it is thanks to them that I have the chance to live, and to find out who I am meant to become.


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