50,000 Words, Here I Come!

Hello everyone!


At the risk of sounding like Dexter: tonight’s the night. Just a few more hours to go before the stroke of midnight (2 and a half on my spot of the globe.) before writers all over the place become practically married to their laptops/pens/whatever writing instruments of their choice. I myself have spent most of my free time during the month getting ready for this grand event, by brainstorming, jotting down ideas, doing research and the biggest yet: getting a new laptop since the last one kicked the bucket. Last year didn’t go as well as expected for me because of various reasons. However, this year NaNoWriMo has come yet again and I am once again presented with the chance to participate, and overall, succeed in completing a novel within the timeframe specified. How many of you will be participating? Please let me know so I can follow your progress and use you as motivation for my own work (as I hope to do for you).

I wish you all the best of luck!


PS: Happy Halloween!


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