I live!!!

It’s official, I’m a horrible blogger. As much as I try to stay up to date on my blogs, post almost every day, things conspire to kick me in the non-existent go-nads! A while ago my laptop up and decided to mutiny. It just wouldn’t start at times, would overheat and would all in all refuse to cooperate with me. Now, I finally got a new one (though I’m as good as broke for the next few months because most of my money’s going to go to paying off my credit card). My last laptop was a Sony Vaio, and though I loved the thing to death it did give me problems now and then. Recently (ok, not so recently, a few months ago) I had to get the hard drive changed because the old one crashed. However, the new one my service providers (hint: they work at a well known electronic store) installed into my laptop soon began giving me problems as well. Problems like slow loading time, to the internet being disconnected, were not uncommon. So of course it was always frustrating going online. Yet, the final kick came four days ago when I sat down to use the thing (for work, of all things) and after ten minutes of staring at the “Starting Windows” page, the bastard up and shut off on me. Yeah, it won’t turn on anymore.

Instead of dealing with repairs all over again though, I opted for just buying a new laptop and crying over the bill later. I ended up getting a Macbook Pro this time and am so far loving it. I couldn’t bring myself to get another PC, after all, two have failed me in the span of five years, so chances were that a new one would eventually do the same. So, this time I am giving Mac a try and I have to admit, though some Windows features I do miss, this baby ain’t so bad.

Still, I am going to save some money over the next few months in order to get my old laptop fixed. I plan to give it to my mom once it’s up and running. (My demon child of a brother lives back home too, so there’s no way in hell I’d give her a new laptop and risk him breaking it.)

But yes, that is my grand excuse. I am sorry to my cluster of followers, really and truly I am. Hopefully now things won’t be chaotic, but I make no promises. Work’s been a real bitch too. (But isn’t it always.)

On the brighter side of the moon (Is that even a saying?), tomorrow a few friends from work and I will be going to Great America for their yearly Halloween Event: Halloween Haunt. I haven’t been to Great America in a very long time, and especially not at night on Halloween. It is going to be so much fun! Now I have to get ready for bed soon. I Won’t be getting much sleep in the next couple days, since we’re leaving for the event tomorrow (right after I get off of an 8-hour shift) and will be there till around midnight. I won’t be back till maybe 2 in the morning, and have another 8-hour shift the next day. Yeah, Red Bull anyone?

G’night folks.


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