September Photo Challenge

Hello Everyone, 

Recently, I got real interested in the photo challenges that various bloggers have been participating in. Luckily, my wonderful pen-friend from Belgium let me know about one that starts September the 1st. (For her post on this, click here.) I know I’m a bit late, but here are the first three pictures of the month. 

Picture 1: Hands (or my hand in this case) 


Picture 2: Door (Berkeley, CA) 



And today’s picture, 

Picture 3: Pattern (The paint marker designs I started on my white bookcase) 




Thanks for checking this out! Anyone participating in these challenges as well? 


One thought on “September Photo Challenge”

  1. Waw, that’s such a gorgeous doodle on your bookcase! I love it! I would love to have this kind of design as a tattoo (I always admire these kind of henna tattoos on other people as well)

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