Almost 5 Again

Its official,  my resident Sandman’s hit the road and doesn’t plan on looking back.  Yet another night’s gone by spent staring at the ceiling, trying to sleep but failing miserably.  A few nights ago I took a couple over the counter sleeping pills and realized that they aren’t that helpful.  In fact,  they make me feel down right uncomfortable.  After taking them I noticed a strange sensation inside my head, like a dull ache that eventually grew to feel like ghost hands reaching inside my skull and moving things around.  Gave me a bad case of the heebie jeebie twitches.  So yeah,  no sleep aids for me.  Yay. 


2 thoughts on “Almost 5 Again”

    1. I would recommend a cup of chamomile tea; sleep aids can have strange side effects that you won’t want. Though I’ve never tried any non over the counter, I can only imagine how much more wonky they’d make me feel than the stuff I’ve already tried.

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