Hello there,

So sorry for not being around these last few days, guess you can say that I was on a miniature hiatus. Of course, I have a reason for this. (I wouldn’t leave you unless I REALLY had too, I swear.) These last few days I’ve been contemplating starting a web series on my blog, it’s in the beginning stages so I don’t have much written of the actual story, but it seems like a very interesting one. (Strange for the writer to say this, no?) The temp. title is “Waxen Wings” and I hope to at least have part one out by the end of the week. I will be posting a part every other week unless I have a sudden surge of inspiration (I really hope I do), then I may post more than one part, or make the parts longer. I am still deciding on how long to make each part, but I guess that’s something that will decide itself during the writing and editing process. So, thanks a lot for sticking around and taking the time to read this!

Have a great day!


PS: I also just made an email for this blog so please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions, want to chat, or want to submit something!


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