Quick Update

I have about ten minutes to write something really fast. I just found myself with some free time before my last appointment of the day. (My previous one did not show up for some reason, I hope she is alright, she is not someone to miss an appointment.) Well, yesterday was a lot of fun, as you can tell from some of the pictures I uploaded while I was in San Francisco. The crepe was pretty good in case you were wondering. I managed to get a few things there, though a lot of stuff was still pretty expensive I still managed to spend only about 80 dollars (it’s a miracle really, the old me would have left my bank account empty). The day was really bright too, hot actually, so I was never so thankful for the SF breeze than I was then. (It was hotter too since there were just so many people in Japan Town!) The blossoms were pretty much in bloom, so that wasn’t a huge attraction. What had many people there were all the cosplayers (some looked amazing!) and the events going on (like a live Kendo presentation and visiting musician–a rising star in the Japanese pop-music scene– named Kylee I believe). Well, that’s all for now. Bye.


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