San Francisco and Hannibal Lector

I am so excited! This weekend is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco and I had originally thought I would be spending the days slugging through work, while my sister and best friend went without me. But, as luck will have it, I am now officially going to San Francisco this Sunday!! Man, was my previous post prophetical or what? I also look forward to walking around and checking out the stalls, I heard there is a lot of neat stuff sold every year. Hopefully I can pick up some small things for my family, also some things for my pen pals.
On another note, I recently started watching the show Hannibal, on On Demand. I think it is a Showtime show and it is actually pretty interesting. Its based off of Harris’ Red Dragon, book 2, I believe, of the Silence of the Lambs series. The guy the director chose to play Lector is real creepy, perfect!! I really don’t know why Im so psyched about this show, but I’m not complaining. Its been a while since I’ve been so excited about anything, especially something so mundane as a TV show. This one gets my creative juices flowing. I was actually thinking about the characters the entire time I was at work today (yes, I’m stuck on it that bad). The main character suffers from “Extreme Empathy”, which makes it so he can put himself in the shoes of almost anyone. (In the show’s case, he’s more often than not in the shoes of a serial killer.) Hm, now I want to read Red Dragon. Well, that’s all for now. Goodnight.

PS: I recently started to listen to Lindsey Stirling, she is amazing!


4 thoughts on “San Francisco and Hannibal Lector”

  1. You are sooooo lucky! I am going to see if I can make it to San Fran this weekend for the festival too. Wish me luck!

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