Change Is Good


The last month has been utter chaos. I was juggling three jobs, a full quarter of classes and my friends and I had to move to a new place.  Now though things are starting to calm down. The quarter is almost over and work has slowed some. Also, the new place is not so much of a wreck as it was a couple weeks ago. Things have gradually found their way to their proper place. Not only that, I am working on a few projects to liven the place up some,  like planting flowers and such. The ones in the picture above are Chinese forget-me-nots, poppies,  daisies and the big plant is just an indoor plant that I’ve had for a while.  I’m really excited about them,  the poppies have already begun to sprout.  Hopefully in the next few days I’ll also be able to catch up on my letter writing because I’ve been really bad on that. Well, that’s all for now.


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