Life Continues


I know I haven’t been posting here in a while, I’ve been super busy since the new year started, what with school and work picking up again. The winter quarter is thus far proving to be as grueling as the last quarter, which sucks mightily if you ask me. I’m taking three English courses and one Spanish this time: critical analysis of poetry, advanced poetry workshop (a second time for major credit), british literature before 1650 and Spanish literature from the 18th century to the present. Then add in my two jobs and its become a party.

Anyway, over the break I was able to go home for a few days; the above image is of St. Mary’s Church, back in my hometown. It is where my sister and I were baptized over 20 years ago. I’m not much of a church goer but I do have an appreciation for the tranquility that exists within a church, and I do pay respects to a few saints. In fact, it was about time I went back and paid my respects to the Virgin Mary. I know that this saint is not real, but an amalgamation between a Native saint and a Spanish saint, but the idea of her is real. What’s more, my mother prayed to her when I was dying at two weeks old, and well I’m still here 22 years later. Did she really save me? I don’t know. Am I grateful to be alive? Yes. So I pay my respects as thanks to her and most of all, to my own mother’s prayers.

Also, I chose another saint of my own: St. Joan of Arc. But this is for a different reason all together.

Well, time to do some more reading before going in to work today. If I haven’t written this already, here it is: happy new year everyone. I wish you all the best in your lives and endeavors. 

PS: yes the picture is from my instagram. I’ve been on there a lot more lately.


2 thoughts on “Life Continues”

    1. I remember you mentioning that you were french in one of your earlier letters, that’s amazing that your grams was named after Joan! My grams has a long name: Maria Luisa Camacho Flores de Aguilar, i have the English verion of Maria (Mary) but both our names mean the same:sea of bitterness. We’re both somber people by nature. But anyway, Jean is a good name, it fills me with courage every time I hear it.

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