A Second Thought on Racism

A few months ago I put up a post titled “Thoughts on Racism”, where I mentioned a few stories (one even personal) about racism and how it affects people. You are probably wondering why the hell I am mentioning this in the first place, and honestly I just thought I would mention the previous post so this post’s title made sense. Also, so you know ahead of time what this entry will also be about. (Yep, you’ll find nothing about crazy science experiments or the woes of being a writer here.) Moving on.

Last night, my sister got back from work in a foul mood. It was 2:00AM in the morning and so I was groggy; when I asked her why she was so pissed off she simply said “nothing, I don’t want to talk about it now,” and of course I left it at that and went back to sleep. Around 10:00AM though, I was in the middle of getting ready for work when she got up to go to the bathroom. When she got back I once again asked her what had been bothering her so much several hours before. My sister couldn’t even tell me the whole story, my friend May was the one to tell me the gist. Apparently, some woman last night went to her workplace (a popular fast food restaurant that will go unnamed) and insulted most of her coworkers—and her—while they were in the process of making her food. Simply put, she called them wetbacks, and made them redo her food several times because she considered them “dirty”. The fact that my sister is a US citizen never crossed her mind, but this is not the point here. The kicker is that this woman spoke Spanish with a Spanish accent, meaning that another fellow Latin American had insulted her own people simply because she considered citizenship more important than kinship! How messed up is that?

The fact that people like her still exist in the 21st century infuriates me to no end, and the fact that someone could live her life with such a warped mentality disgusts me. I pity her, and hope that one day she realizes just how skewed her mentality is.

And so, I think I have finally figured out my topic for my next essay in Expository Writing: ideas and how they can go a long way if they are strongly believed. To me, negative ideas are like a disease, they can contaminate one person’s mind and in this way spread out until many are taken over. Such ideas are what lead to the Holocaust, the Rwanda Genocides, the Salem Witch Trials, and so many more events in our history.

Well, that’s all for now. Bye.

(Link to the previous racism post: https://thirteen1999.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/a-thought-on-racism/)


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