NaNoWrMo Journal

Well it’s one in the morning here in the Bay Area. NaNoWriMo officially began yesterday, November 1st. How are everyone else’s projects going so far? I’ve gotten about three pages (give or take a paragraph) of a story I’m working on typed, but at the same time I think I will also keep a NaNoWriMo journal as well, that way I have a side project to work on when I’m stuck on my story or have an urge to rant about my greatness (just kidding). But in this diary I do plan to rant, on many different topics even, like subject matter, character development, etc.

I think it will be interesting to also write about the writing process in general and also other random things, maybe even answer questions from my followers and make those responses into full fledged entries. What do you guys think of that? (Of course, it all depends on the question, and it can’t be overly personal.) So yeah, let’s see where this journal goes. Also, I plan to make this journal a separate blog from my usual blog, to keep the entries all organized.

Well, happy writing everyone!


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