School and Work


I started school three weeks ago, and am currently taking four major courses, which are: 1) Milton and Paradise Lost, 2) Expository Writing, 3) Introduction to Spanish Linguistics, and 4) Nature of Mathematics. Its quite a workload and all of my classes are on the same days, Monday and Wednesday 10AM to 6PM. Major ugh no?

The thing that sucks is that I did not have a very good start to the quarter, two of my roommates (or ex-roommates now, I won’t say names) had a huge fight at three that morning (the morning of the first day of school), which resulted in them breaking up because one of them was cheating on the other. In my honest opinion they were both idiots, childish and not ready to strike it out on their own. I really don’t care that they went home, good riddance and hello silence, but what does piss me off is that they left us to cover their portion of rent. Also, I heard that one of them (again I won’t say names) is telling people that my sister and I were just being used for this person’s convenience. How shitty of a thing to do is that?! Why would someone do such a thing, especially after my sister and I treated this individual with friendly respect and consideration. I didn’t need to be nice, but I was. So what the fuck? Seriously, just when one starts gaining hope for mankind someone pulls a stunt like this. Nice, you child. Real nice. I won’t beat around the bush, I hope their guilt eats them up inside. I don’t take well to being used but I won’t do anything to retaliate, but if any of them show up again and cause more problems, well, all bets are off. If anyone I care about is harassed, I will fight dirty.

So yes, not a very good beginning to the school year. Now though I plan to focus on school, my family, and myself. I will be selfish here because I cannot allow anything to get in the way of my studies. I can’t afford to.

I also have to focus on work and paying off my fine to DMV for running a red light. (Fuck you DMV!!! You suck!!)

Stop laughing.




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