Summer’s Almost Over

I’ve been at the C. Valley Library for the past three hours; this is my third time here and I have to say, I love it. It’s so much cleaner than the library in Hayward, and has so much more space. Not only this, each of the tables has one or two sets of plugs so no one has to go hunting for an outlet, and with the skylights there is a lot of natural light. Yep, I will be frequenting this library from now on.

On another note, I spent the last three hours writing in my summer journal. It is almost done too, I have about 35 pages left before completing it and I’m excited. Last summer, I managed to finish three journals, almost one for every month; however, this time it is only the one and that’s alright, because this one’s quality is so much better. (I plan to upload pictures of it later on today if not tomorrow, just as soon as I locate one of my cameras.)

In retrospect, I can’t help but compare last summer with this one. I was—am—so much happier this summer than I was last year. For one, last summer when I wasn’t at work or with a few friends, I was practically locked up in my room the entire day (or evening). This was because I was uncomfortable with the people I was living with—which is a story all on its own. However, one highlight of that summer was that I was invited by a friend—who I found out this morning is studying for her Masters in Finance in Illinois. Best of luck Essia!—to go to San Francisco with her and her mother on the 4th of July. For the first time in my life I was able to see fireworks not over trees, houses and crowded streets, but over the vast shifting ocean. It was amazing! The fireworks reflected off the water and illuminated the night even further, the music spilling through the speakers—a mix of R & B and alternative—gave the whole event a pleasant  relaxed mood, and though it was a bit cold, my friend, her mother and I were all squished together under a wool blanket. Unwittingly, this friend saved me from having a miserable holiday spent locked up in my room, missing my family and feeling alone.

The anger, resentment and estrangement from last year did not overshadow this summer. Instead of being locked up in my room I got to do all kinds of fun things, like go to Santa Cruz and watch a horror movie in theaters, at night, for the first time. I actually got along with my new roommates and even felt included in their plans; I didn’t feel used at all. Not only this, this summer I also got pen pals and have thus gotten to know people from all over the world through the exchange of various letters. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and am more than grateful that there were/are many like minded people out there. I am thankful to my pen pals for sharing themselves with me and allowing me to do the same. (And also thankful to those who sent me birthday cards and presents: Derick, Cecilia and Jessie!)

This summer, though, has also allowed me to be very introspective, and this is a double-edged sword. Someone who is overly introspective may become ignorant of others, or may miss out on some things if they are not too careful. I know that sometimes I am in my head too much—but I guess that comes with being a writer—and so I will be making an effort to pay more attention to others as well as myself.

Overall, it was a wonderful summer, and even though I miss my family (three times we tried to visit each other, and three times life intervened) my friends and hobbies have kept me from being miserable. Now that this free time is almost over (school starts next week) I am a bit saddened but that is unavoidable, no one wants to stop when they’re having fun after all, but that’s alright. I look forward to learning more things at school, having new adventures and sharing them with my friends. But for now, I’ll be enjoying the remains of my summer as much as I can!


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