It’s Been A While

I know it’s been a while since I last posted an actual post about my life, I’ve been pretty busy these last few days and haven’t had the time to catch up and sit down to write something decent out. Actually I have, but the little bit that I did was used to catch up on my letter writing, I owed letters to several of my pen pals and knew that if I  made them wait any longer that some would be pretty annoyed with me. Also, I’ve been working on my journal, listening to Bach, and finishing up a few comic books and TV shows I started watching but never finished. Summer is almost up and I have very little time left to do what I actually want to do before it’s time to jump back into the lion’s den. God help me, I don’t want to go back but I know I have to if I want to be done with my university in the next year, but being a full time student and working two jobs is seriously going to take its toll on me in the eleven weeks before winter break, hell, even during break I’ll probably still be feeling it. I know, I did this to myself so what right do I have to complain? Still, I’m going to complain.

Later though, cuz now I’m going to sleep.


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