Working On A Project

I’ve spent most of the day working on a personal project, one I started a while back. I’m really proud of myself, I managed to finish the second chapter today. It was hard though, there are a lot of distractions so I always find excuses to not work on it. So i came up with a new trick, I carry it on a flash drive and take it to work. During my breaks I grab one of the computers there and start tying away. Since my work is a tutoring center in my campus’ library, it’s easier for me to fall into the serious mindset and before I know it I get in the zone. I was actually on a role today, and then was suddenly uninterrupted by the receptionist telling me that I had a student waiting. Safe to say I had a “noooooo!” moment. Yep, now I’m going to start chapter three.  


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