Another Update

There’s an episode of Cold Case playing in the background, even though I can’t see the TV from my spot at the kitchen table I can still hear it. I love this show because of the historical time frames shown throughout the seasons. Anyway, I’ve been sleeping, playing Kingdom Hearts on my sister’s PSP, or watching TV for most of the day, for some reason I didn’t feel very well again so after going to my new workplace this morning (to finish some last minute data entry) I came back to my apartment and crashed on the couch. So when my friend came back during her lunch break and saw me lying in the dark (I had the shades drawn so no light could get in the room) it was only natural for her to call me a vampire, again. It’s normal for me to be called this because I prefer darker places over overly sunny or bright ones. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sunny days like many others out there, but there are days when my head hurts and overly bright places induce killer migraines. So the darker the place, the easier it is on my eyes. Now though I’ve been considering getting prescribed sunglasses, or get my new glasses (whenever I have the chance to order them) tinted.

On another note,  I thought I would write a bit on my reaction of Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. Even though I’ve only finished the first chapter (or Book actually), I am completely in awe of the vividness with which Milton brought Satan and his legion of demons to life. After getting over the author’s strange sentence structure (with the principle verb at the end of each line), I was able to fall into the poetic narrative and visualize the Devil and his followers lose the battle in Heaven and thus plummet to the Deep. This is before God created the new race (mankind), and as the fallen angels establish Pandemonium they begin a council to decide whether to attack heaven again or destroy God through humanity. It’s eerie, and definitely not for the overly religious, but it’s nonetheless an amazing epic poem. The image frozen in my mind is that of Satan facing his entire court, with his lieutenants Beelzebub, Mammon, Belial and Moloch at his side, standing before a giant valley and watching as the tower—Pandemonium—rises from the ground. I should feel repulsed, afraid or repentant for reading such a book (given that I’m Catholic), however, I don’t feel anything of the sort. In fact, I feel excited at the prospect of familiarizing myself more with Milton’s characters. I feel that giddiness that only a reader gets when about to start a book that somehow pulls at his or her heartstrings. I love this feeling.

Well, I’m about to eat a late dinner since I wasn’t hungry until now. I’m only eating something small though, just so I don’t risk waking up with yet another headache. Seriously, my eating habits have been turned to shit these last few days, I really need to get myself in gear or else I’m screwed when school starts.

Lastly, I got two letter from my pen pals today, one from Derick and another from Austina. I look forward to taking some time tomorrow and writing them back, maybe I will go somewhere else to do it, like the library or nearby Starbucks, just to get out of my apartment. I really do enjoy having pen pals, it’s not only a form of therapy for me but it also gives me the chance to get to know people that I otherwise might never have known. Or maybe I would have known them, who knows, but all in all I am thankful for their time in writing to me, and hope they enjoy my letters as much as I do theirs. I also want to work a bit more on a project I started a few months ago, hopefully a change in scenery will help me come up with more ideas, because so far I am stuck.

That’s all for now. Goodnight.


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