Never Again

I seriously think I slept wrong last night because this whole day I’ve walked around with this ache in my back and a slight knot in my neck, I’ve massaged it a bit so it’s not so bad but still, what the hell bed. That’s what I get for being a restless sleeper and prone to nightmares. No wonder my dog won’t sleep on my bed anymore, I probably kicked him one time too many.

On another note, I’ve figured out what’s been making me nauseous these last few days, the painkillers I got at Walgreen’s. I’ve been having headaches and migraines for the last couple weeks (which isn’t overly strange since I have chronic migraines) so I bought some of the Walgreen’s brand painkiller. Never. Again.


2 thoughts on “Never Again”

  1. I take Excedrin Migraine about every couple days for mine. I take them every couple days because of my TBI. It’s kind of expensive but it seems to work pretty decently. I have a bottle on my desk, a bottle in my car and a bottle in my toolbox.

    1. I usually take Excedrin Migraine or Extra Strength because Tylenol, Advil, Alive, Midol, and all the other named brands no longer work on me, only this time Walgreens was out of it so I got the next one. All the other medicines were only 200mg, and I need 500mg or more given that most migraines that i get now take at least two of those to get rid of. On rare occasions I will take Vicodin, but if I can I sleep it off. I’ve had and MRI and there was no indication to the cause of my migraines, the doctor gave me Codeine but that makes me feel like crap so I never took it. In fact, I lost the bottle and never bothered finding it.

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