Video Games and an Uneasy Stomach

In celebration of me getting a new job at a place I actually like, my sister was nice enough to buy me a new game. (I also purchased another one separately.) Both are for my PSP Go console and so had to be purchased and downloaded from the PSN network before I could install them into my hand held. So far I’ve been really addicted, I’ve been playing since Saturday and already have 10 hours invested in one of them (Yes, I know that’s not a lot in the gamer world, but it’s a lot to me when I never have 10 hours to even sleep!) and about one on the other. Your probably wondering what the games I’m mentioning are, sorry, they are Fate/EXTRA and Dante’s Inferno.

On another note, yesterday was a really nice sunny day. It feels more like Spring here than Summer, because it was sunny, cool and with a nice breeze. However, I wasn’t feeling very well. I woke up with a headache and so wasn’t hungry until 1pm. My friend and I went out to eat and even though I took three Bayer, I still didn’t feel well. In fact, after eating the headache was til there, so we stopped by Walgreen’s to get stronger medicine. After taking it, I thought of going home to lie down and that’s when I started getting nauseous, so much so that if I laid in bed it got worse. Finally though I was able to stomach a bit of food later on around seven, but mostly water. I woke up this morning a lot better, but my stomach still feels a bit off, and I’m at work and my boss brought in donuts. I can’t have any though so all I’m doing now is drinking Gatorade. Being sick sucks.


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