Angry Rant

For those about to read this, if you are not a fan of angry rants stop reading this or close your eyes and think of the cancan. I don’t know why I’m thinking of the cancan at this moment but whatever. Anyway, a while back I applied to a position in a city nearby and after jumping through a few hoops I was finally accepted for the position of Life Coach. I was happy that I was given my young age, even though I know I am very qualified for the job. Afterwards, I was told that I should keep August 6th to 10th open for the training, so of course I go to my place of work two weeks in advance and I tell them that I will not be able to work that whole week. The coordinator told me that if I planned to miss those days I needed to find tutors to cover my hours, and now that I finally have everything set up I get an email from this organization stating that I was no longer required to attend the training. That, due to a sudden change in schedule, I will not need to go until November and that I will not start working until January 2013, and not this August as I had originally been lead to believe. Now, I have to fix my schedule myself and message all the tutors to tell them that they no longer have to cover my hours, and I also have to contact my students. Not only this, I am angry because I received three other job offers but turned them down because I thought I would not be able to accept them because of this other position. Now that I will be jobless  (sorta) for several more months, I have to figure out a way to earn money to pay my tuition given that I will be losing $5,000 this year this worth of grants. So, yes I am a bit upset with this organization because I would have expected at least a weeks’ notice that the plans have changed, I might not have turned down those job offers and I would have been a little more closer to saving up for school. Now though I was able to call back one of the places that responded to my applications (I won’t mention names, just in case) and I have an interview with them tomorrow at 12 p.m., here is hoping for the best.


4 thoughts on “Angry Rant”

  1. This is what worries me about graduation this month and the fact that I don’t have a job lined up yet. I still haven’t figured out where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. Such is life. Good luck with the interview.

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