Homemade BLT



10 thoughts on “Homemade BLT”

      1. I like avocado but I think I’m slightly allergic. Any time I eat something with guacamole or other avocado-based food, my throat gets itchy. It’s more annoying than dangerous, but still.

      2. My roommate gets that too, if anything you can substitute avocado for another veggie/fruit (avocado is a fruit right?), like bean sprouts or humus. That, or take penicillin afterwards or another allergy medicine. I don’t think I’m allergic to foods, but there are plenty I don’t like. In particular mushrooms and garlic.

      3. Oh hell, garlic is a requirement in this house. My dad used to put garlic in EVERYTHING so I love it. Mushrooms aren’t my favorite, but I’m OK with them. They’re good with some stuff. Not a big spinach or celery person though. I don’t like eating leaves.

      4. My mom used sautéed onions for a lot of her dishes, I do too but I don’t eat fresh onions. I like celery with peanut butter butter and lettuce, and eat spinach even though I don’t like it because I was anemic once.

      5. I’m not big on raw onions either. Celery is good, I need to pick some up next grocery trip. Lettuce is alright on salad but only if there’s some meat on there and that’s out of the question now on this diet so I quit salad last week. It doesn’t fill me up and it’s only like 10 calories.

      6. Cesar salads are my favorite, I don’t like the ones with fruit in them though. It’s good that your on a diet, best of luck! I mentioned this in your letter but drinking chamomile and green tea is also good for you, i drink them because they help regulate the digestive tract so the foods you consume are processed more fully and less of them become fats that settle in your stomach. Also, eating at night isn’t very good, after eight or so your body’s rhythm changes and food is processed even more slowly (this is actually why there are both night and day medicines), so it’s a good idea to drink water in case you get the munchies, or milk. Then eat a large breakfast that gets worked off during the day, and try getting up early, when the suns barely up. This is the only way I was able to loose the weight I gained freshman year of college.

      7. Yeah, I’m pretty bad at eating at night since I stay up late. That’s part of how I gained 50+ lbs in 6 months when I got out of the army. Eating Taco Bell at 1am and drinking 30-packs every 2 days. I’ve cut it down to a granola bar before bed and eating dinner earlier. I wake up around 6:30 every day so I’m good there but I don’t eat much for breakfast. Basically a Cliff bar and orange juice lately, then a V-8 around mid-morning. That pretty much covers my morning calorie intake and I’m not getting the shakes like I was before last week. I’ll take your advice on the tea. I’m afraid to drink lattes at that coffee shop I told you about since I’m eating less, so the tea will be good to replace them. And yeah, I drink 4-6 bottles of water during the day, plus about as much at night since I live in south Texas and I’m out in a non-a/c hangar most of the day lol.

      8. My sister worked at Taco Bell so I got free food, much to my weights detriment. Too much granola and water actually makes digestion slower, but since it’s so hot over there I do suggest drinking pedialite or gatorade and not so much water. Pedialite and gatorade have electrolites and vitamins that you loose when you sweat and are not replaced by water, so even with lots of water you may still experience fatigue. In my hometown we have reached 113F and a bit higher, so we also have to be sure to stay hydrated. I don’t eat much in the morning either but I make sure to carry snacks so I don’t get a migraine.

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