The Good Old Days

Earlier today my brother gave me a GameBoy Advance game that I had been looking for for some time now: Final Fantasy VI. I’ve been wanting to replay this game for a while as the Final Fantasy series is one of my favorites in the gaming world, and I had even thought of purchasing the game on PSN for my PSP Go, it is only six dollars after all. However, I really do prefer to have the tangible game, and so I told my brother to look for it again. (Now a day it is going for 50 to 100 dollars given that it is a collectable.) So, I’m glad he did and even found several other old games I’d forgotten about (all from my high school days long long ago—okay, a few years ago, I’m not old). Looking at the old Gambeboy Advance SP (this one is nowhere as old as the original Gameboy) makes me real nostalgic. I miss playing these old games. In fact, my first game system was a Game Cube (actually, and Atari but that was my dad’s so it doesn’t count). My favorite game on there was Batten Kaitos, but the one with the best memories is Soul Calibur 2. Given that my high school was so small, I was a member of various cliques, including the video game group. We would kidnap random empty classrooms during the end of the year or during lunch time and play this game until it was time to stop. I was a sweeper (the gamer who wipes out various payers in one go) and so I was only played by the no-amateur gamers. Sadly, my reign of terror ended one day when my old video production teacher kicked my ass purely by dumb luck and some serious button smashing. Ahhh, the good old days. I really do miss those days, and now and then I wish I could go back and do it all over again. But, the past is the past and all I can do is focus on the future. But anyway, I think this has gone on long enough, I’m ganna go eat and play some games! (Drink beer and get my ass to work tomorrow, hopefully on time.) Have a good week everyone.Image


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