Santa Cruz Boardwalk


I had a lot of fun yesterday (though today I’m a little achy), my friends and I decided to go to Santa Cruz instead of San Francisco, it was a great idea! As soon as I got out of work at 3pm (one of my students had even been nice enough to drop me off at the BART station, she chatted about an old Mexican boyfriend she had, as well as food, the whole way there), I called my friends and told them that I was out. They picked me up at the BART and we headed out to SC. It was about a two hour ride, we got there at 5:15pm and stopped by a gas station to get a can of PEPSI soda each (because if you take a can to the Boardwalk after 5pm, you get a $20 discount on the pass for the rides on the Boardwalk, thanks to their partnership with the place) and chugged it down as we parked on Second St., across from the Boardwalk entrance. We left the beach necessities in the back of my friends car (it’s bright blue so I call it the Blueberry), and went to the entrance to get our passes (bracelets). It was a bit unnerving though because as we waited in line, a tall thin blond girl passed out momentarily from heat stroke. After a few moments her friend managed to get her up, and they were able to walk her to some shade. More than ever my friends and I were glad we’d gotten there in the afternoon and not during the earlier heat wave. Once we had our passes my sister and friend Sofia went on the boat ride, the pendulum one. I and my other friend, Daniel, didn’t want to go on so while the other too waited and then got on the ride, we went to investigate the small shops nearby. I ended up buying several post cards, and Daniel decided on getting sunglasses. But yeah, most of the evening was spent on the Boardwalk, getting on as many rides as we could and screwing our health with fried foods. The one ride that left me nauseous was the Tornado, where you are spun around and then have the option of spinning your own little compartment as well. I laid off the spinning rides for a while after that. My sister and I got off our last ride around 10:40pm, and then the four of us headed to the beach to sit in the sand and just rest. Daniel asked us about stars and mythology behind the constellations, so I told him the story of Orion, then talked him into downloading the Planets app and we had a load of fun identifying stars and other formations in the sky. It was pretty chilly by then so we didn’t stay there long,we left around 11:30pm and headed back to the car (beach necessities were never used). We got back home around 1:30 am and crashed. Anyway, that’s all for now, I’m going to get breakfast (or lunch since it’s almost twelve).  (Photographs/ Sony SteadyShot FAX-W180) 


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