Time to Kill

Once again I’m at work with nothing to do, I worked earlier today from 10 to 11 in the morning and then I was given two hours off, I’ve managed to get through one of them but still have one more to go. During the first hour I went  down to the Student Bookstore (I work on my campus) and went to the little post office there. I bought a few international stamps and a book of regular stamps, these are pretty cool though because the theme this time is Great Film Directors. So each stamp has a painting from directors John Ford, Frank Capra, Billy Wilder and John Huston. Afterwards, I got a snack and headed back to my place of work (the library) and decided to finally go on Facebook for a bit before signing on to WordPress.

Hmmm. . . I’m running out of things to say. . . or write actually. Oh! (I seem to have a lot of “Oh!” moments lately.) A few friends and I may got to Peer 39 this Thursday, so I’m looking forward to that, I haven’t been there in years and would like to have some fun now and then. Next week we may got to Santa Cruz, but I’m not sure yet because I will have to work until 3 and it takes almost two hours to get there. It all depends on my friends, if they are willing to wait for me or not. And. . . that’s it I guess. Goodbye.


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