Yep, a pretty good day.


Thirteen is my favorite number (obviously), and so Friday the thirteenth is right up my alley. It was actually a pretty fun day, one of the reasons being that the migraine that had persisted for the last two weeks didn’t show it’s ugly self. I worked a bit earlier in the morning (some freelance tutoring), then met up with a friend and had lunch. Then my friend Sofia invited me to go to the barbeque at her workplace. Being a somewhat antisocial person I didn’t want to go, but she didn’t want to go by herself. So, I went. We went to Costco before though, and once at the barbeque, I ended up reading a bit (“El laberinto de la soledad” by Octavio Paz) while the others played and/or ate. Also, I drank Dos Equis and chatted with few of Sofia’s coworkers. Afterwards we went to Union City and got some stuff we needed from Walmart before heading home to clean and prepare did my parents’ visit. Now, at 2am, I’m finally going to sleep. Gnight folks.


2 thoughts on “Yep, a pretty good day.”

  1. Yeah, on the rare occasion someone does ask me to go somewhere, I have to debate on it for like an hour before I can actually decided to do it. I like Dok Equis a lot more than Corona but have you ever had Sol? It’s my favorite Mexican beer by far.

    1. There was actually a choice between XX, Sol, and some other one but I just took the one handed to me. I will try Sol next time though. And yes, it was a bit awkward being surrounded by people I don’t know so I was glad we only stayed for am hour or so.

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