Summer Journal

ImageEvery summer I make it my goal to finish at least one journal. Last summer I managed to finish three, one Moleskine and 2 basic journals. However, this summer I want to focus on this one. I noticed that in my other ones I mostly ranted, and that’s fine and all but I would like to finish a journal with more thought out entries, deeper entries than the usual mundane updates of my day. (I was also a lot angrier last summer, so that didn’t help.) I’ve wanted this journal for a while, and even though it was a bit pricey I decided to get it anyway. It’s from Barnes & Noble Bookseller, genuine leather and handcrafted in Italy. It also came with the pencil. The postcard I got earlier today has already been taped inside. (Maybe later on in the future I will take a few photos of a few of the pages and upload them here.) Over the summer I will carry this journal with me, this way I can write wherever I go. Simply put, it’s a travel journal. I want to write about all kinds of things but, as many writers might agree with me, when it comes down to putting pen to paper my brain decides to pull a blank. So, any suggestions on what I might write about?


2 thoughts on “Summer Journal”

  1. Write about anything that interests you! If you see something pretty or a situation that’s odd, or different, write about it! Describe things, look at a cloud and describe it completely. Filling out a journal isn’t too hard when there are no limits to writing! Best of luck

    1. Thanks! Though I usually write about those sort of things, it does get hard sometimes to put my thoughts into words. I guess I’m one of those people who over think things and sometimes end up confusing myself haha. Well, thanks for the motivation!

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